I’m taking watercolor painting classes!

Hey all! Well, I’ve had two sessions in my beginners watercoloring class and am finding it a lot of fun! I must admit that I tried to learn on my own, i.e., using books and videos, but I find learning in person, with an instructor, is so much better! The artist instructor has been doing mixed media for 40+ years and knows her stuff! Fortunately, she is also very kind, patient and encouraging of her students! Anyway, below are my two “masterpieces” (fruit from class 1 and desert/mountain scene from class 2). I have a ways to go, but I’ll continue the classes and practice, practice, practice! Thanks for stopping by!



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2 Responses to I’m taking watercolor painting classes!

  1. StephInOK says:

    It’s looking great!!! You’re one of those “naturals” at watercolor! I can’t wait to see what else you paint! Hugs!

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