Trying to get back in the crafting groove!

Hello my very few followers!  I can’t believe it’s been since October 2013 since I posted anything! And now it’s July 2014! I guess I got too wrapped up in everyday life and didn’t find time to do some crafting ~:o(   Well, that’s changing a little as lately I’ve been real interested in learning to paint with watercolors! Lindsay in Maine, this is where you come in!  Your YouTube vids and blog have inspired me so much! I  signed up for a beginners watercolor class at one of our parks and rec centers starting next week! I think the socializing part will be fun as well!

In the meantime, I have been practicing painting with photos I have taken and what I have learned by watching countless videos on YouTube. Here is a pictre I took of the Grist Mill in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and then my watercolor rendition….oops, other way around!

I do hope you like it and thanks for checking it out! I’ll be sure to update after my class starts…..till then… and hugs!Image


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One Response to Trying to get back in the crafting groove!

  1. StephInOK says:

    Way to go girlfriend!!! It’s STUNNING!!!!!

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