Treasures from the Ocean

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I better get crackin’ since I received a request from my BFF Stephanie that she’d like to see some “craftiness!”

And what a better way to get started than to pull out (from many years past) my collection of sea (beach) glass and pottery/ceramic shards from my visits to Rockport and Plymouth, Massachusetts and Sunset Beach on Oahu, Hawaii! There may be some other beaches involved, but heck if I remember them! A few photos below show my beach “treasures.” The only things missing are my many shells and driftwood!

 sea pottery and glass 3 various colors of seaglass
So Stephanie, here you go………..I bought a soldering tool and materials to use on the ceramic/pottery pieces, which I am still practicing using, so it may take a while until something photographable turns out.  I have been researching, on YouTube, videos on soldering for beginners and there have been quite a few that have been very helpful.  Our friend, The Frugal Crafter (, Lindsay, up in Maine, has a great soldering video!! She is so entertaining, as well as talented in her many crafting skills. Hope you don’t mind, Lindsay, that I put in a plug for you?! Check it out folks!

Well, I did make a necklace with a piece of my sea glass and a couple of “ocean” related charms. The necklace is pictured in my sea glass photo above, but here is a close-up of the necklace. I’m very happy how it turned out!

seaglass necklace 2

That’s it for now, folks! Lots more jewelry to make! Any positive feedback would sincerely be appreciated! Thanks for stopping by! Luv and hugs, M.

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One Response to Treasures from the Ocean

  1. StephInOK says:

    Margie, that is gorgeous!!! Wow! I was so glad to see your post today!!! 🙂 You’ve inspired me!

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